💛 “We are meant to discover that we are powerful creators, if not of our entire reality, at least of our experience of reality. We aren't responsible for what each moment holds, but we are responsible for our experience of each moment because we have the power to make any moment heaven or hell.” - Gina Lake

💛 “The human mind’s innate ability to imagine and create ensures that we never remain stalled out in who we are. We constantly seek to amend our circumference and circumstances, craft and redraft our emotional, social, political, economic, and artistic being.” - Kilroy J. Oldster

💛 “Whomsoever embraces their creativity along with their individuality, embraces all possibility deep within.” - H.L. Balcomb


Boho Luxe ‘Desire Gold’ Maxi Dress from DREAM4LOVE Collection!✨✨✨

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