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💜 Each garment is truly unique and is created from a hand created artwork usually using watercolour and ink pen. Each artwork inspires a different design, mood, story, feeling and gives the base to a future pattern.

Once the pattern is created, the design is sent off to a specialized fabric manufacturer for sample print. The best designs are selected to be printed on silk.

A skilled team of professionals: garment designers and pattern makers, sewing machine operators, and craftsmen work together with the designer to create the best cut, design and style for each print, enhancing the beauty of the fabric.

Once the fashion samples are made, the best are selected for limited edition runs of the fabric print to maintain quality and to ensure each individual design in the collection is truly special. All patterns and styles are created especially for DREAM4LOVE to provide comfort, best fit and outstanding style.

This multi-level process brings together a great team of craftsmen, professionals, creatives and businesses working locally and internationally. The result - beautifully created garments, where each design is truly magnificent!

    Boho Luxe ‘Divine’ Silk Top & Original Artwork from DREAM4LOVE COLLECTION www.DREAM4LOVE.com✨✨✨

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