💜 Artist-designer and creator of DREAM FOR LOVE, Natalya Khomenko sharing her Makeup inspiration thoughts:

"I enjoy creating looks myself, doing my hair and makeup, it’s like going on a journey of self-discovery and adventure. Every look is different and reflects a certain mood - some are soft and delicate, others strong and contrasting. 

Makeup is a controversial subject, as some believe it covers who you are, but personally, it helps me to define who I am, to show my feelings, reflect a mood, highlight the daily routine, bring magic!

Usually, the makeup you see in magazines is more dramatic and different to what you wear every day. I think daily makeup should highlight your personality and bring what’s makes you-you. It should be able to move, breath and have the ability to transform you into your day. It should make you feel alive and vibrant.

I think makeup is a very personal thing, like clothes, there are many styles and options to choose from. I like experimenting, trying different things, it's a lot of fun! Some of my favourites classics, like - red lipstick, black eyeliner, concealer, lip gloss I like to carry in my bag.

At CHIC FASHION STYLING BLOG you will be able to find makeup styles I created for photoshoots, that can be transformed into daily looks. I love working with colour because it can give you a new, fresh look without too much effort. They are different, playful and fun!"


✨Natalya's self created Makeup and Styling for 'Divine' fashion photoshoot.

✨Silk Scarf and Top in ‘Divine’ print from DREAM FOR LOVE Collection.