💜  “You are unique. You have different talents and abilities. You don’t have to always follow in the footsteps of others.” - Roy T. Bennett

"What is self-image?

How much of it is ours? 

How much of it is influenced by our parents, friends, work, culture, magazines and media, advertising, celebrities and so on?

If I ask you why you wearing this particular dress today, would you be able to tell me? 

I believe that cloth, being the closest object to our body, becomes our second skin. That it holds certain significance to our being, our feelings, emotions, perceptions and expression of who we are. To me, choosing what to wear is a deeply personal thing, and for that reason I dislike conformity.

After looking through hundreds of fashion magazines and publications, I realized that none of the models, celebrities, movie stars... can be me, understand my inner world, know what my heart desires... that they are people just like me trying to find own path and at times subjected to behave or be portrayed certain way by commercialised world...That there is no reason to be like anyone else...That we are all so unique and different, that just one look don't fit all. 

Working for a number of years as a model, I saw a lot of insecurity in myself and other girls. The work of modelling is glamorised a lot. It’s not always as fun as what people perceive. Emotionally, it’s very hard. Especially when people just judge you on your look, without even looking into your heart. 

It took me a while to work it out that a lot of my insecurity comes from outside world, here is a list of most obvious ones: 

• Being different from standard stereotypes

• Not ‘fitting in’ at school, university or work

• Stereotypes of the woman’s figure and beauty portrayed in the media

• Stereotypes of beauty ideas

• Underestimation of women’s talents and capabilities 

• Depreciation of motherhood and how much it involves 

• Outer beauty is more important than inner beauty

• Glorification of fake consumerism driven by looks

• Pushy TV and advertising content portraying that you are just not good enough

• Comments of disapproval from family and friends

So next time you feel bad about yourself, it would help to identify where do these ideas come from and how much are they actually yours?

I believe that the first step to look and feel beautiful, needs to be through self acceptance, love, respect and care."

- FASHION JOURNAL by artist-designer Natalya Khomenko


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