💜 “It’s the hard things that break; soft things don’t break. It was an epiphany I had today and I just wonder why it took me so very, very long to see it! You can waste so many years of your life trying to become something hard in order not to break; but it’s the soft things that can’t break! The hard things are the ones that shatter into a million pieces!” - C. JoyBell C.

💜 “True love is like a bird of many colours, at times, soft and comforting, at others, wild and intense.” - Mona Soorma

💜 “I am inspired by anything beautiful. Sometime it's a pair of eyes or flowing gorgeous hair, other times it's the sky or a sunset. I've been inspired by supple skin or the texture of a soft shirt.” - Nadine Velazquez


✨'Divine' Silk Scarf and Top from DREAM FOR LOVE Collection.