Succeeding the DREAM FOR LOVE silk scarves collection was the creation of Beach Sarongs followed by our first Fashion Garments featuring Bespoke Prints on Luxury Fabrics.⠀

Handcrafted Patterns, Vibrant Colours, Feminine Designs and Comfortable to wear garments underpin DREAM FOR LOVE’s unique fashion vision.⠀

The patterns bring the inspiration of Romantic Mood, Adventurous Spirit, Vibrant Colours and combine the beauty of Fashion, Art and Bespoke Design.⠀



Most DREAM FOR LOVE designs created by use of amazing watercolour and ink pen! 

The light, soft and flowing texture of watercolour transforms beautifully on to fabric print and creates delicate and unforgettable garments.

Each artwork is unique and created freehand. Here you can view some of art watercolours created specially for DREAM FOR LOVE by artist-designer Natalya K. ⠀



Artwork DESIRE was used to create print in vibrant purple colour and create DESIRE Silk Dress and other fashion garments - skirts, tops, scarves and sarongs.



Artwork SECRET GARDEN was created for upcoming collection EASY WEAR and will be featured in uniquely designed fashion dresses, tops, skirts, scarves and sarongs. 



Artwork DAYDREAM was uniquely created by use of watercolour and colour pencils. The DAYDREAM print was used to created summer inspired accessories like - Beach Sarongs and Scarves.



Artwork DREAMLAND is one of the latest creations and will be featured in upcoming DREAM FOR LOVE fashion collection in variety of fashion garments!



Watercolour DEVINE is one of the first Artworks created for DREAM FOR LOVE Fashion. The print is featured in DIVINE Silk Boho Top and DIVINE Silk Maxi Skirt. Also this print was used to create Dresses, Skirts, Scarves and Sarongs. 



Artwork SUNRAYS was featured in classic cut dress highlighting Elegance, Beauty and Unique Style. SUNRAYS print will be used to create more fashion garments and accessories in upcoming fashion collections.  



Artwork GOLD FLOWER presents one of the major DREAM FOR LOVE prints and featured in GOLD FLOWER Silk Dress and Silk Mini Skirt. More fashion garments like - mini dress, maxi dress, pencil skirt, scarf, sarong, top and shirt will be created for upcoming EASY WEAR fashion collection.