Founded ten years ago on Gold Coast by designer and artist Natalya Khomenko, DREAM FOR LOVE has captured the imagination of the world with its vibrant, chic, bohemian lifestyle.

As a child, Natalya revealed the boundless creativity. She started to draw at age of three and has never looked back since. An explorer at heart, with the soul of an artist, she started to create limited edition art prints and silk scarves with original illustrations – and from there, the DREAM FOR LOVE label was born.

Inspired by her love of 60s and 70s era, Natalya began to follow her heart to develop unique fashion collections influenced by Art, Fashion and Music movements like Glam Rock and Disco. There she immersed herself into the world of Love, Freedom, Beauty and endless attraction to Nature for creating her collections.

A treasured item, every DREAM FOR LOVE pattern created from from freehand intricate artwork, every piece is hand-cut and applied with precision and symmetry, every garment is finished by hand, and above all, made with love.

"My vision is powered by love, beauty, adventure, fun and vibrancy! DREAM FOR LOVE creates - fashion to inspire, to feel beautiful, to highlight individuality, uniqueness, flair and style!" - Natalya Khomenko